Investment Management

Investment management is at the core of our business. We have a substantial portfolio under management, acquired primarily through referrals.

For many of our clients, the focus is capital preservation followed by growth which reflects their appetite for risk. However each client has different needs and unique circumstances. We analyze all aspects of a client’s current financial situation and desired outcomes prior to constructing a portfolio.

Kluger International Limited’s investment committee focuses on cost-effective, efficient. after-tax consideration results, recognizing that the only performance that matters is the kind a client actually receives, net growth in simple terms. We focus on searching for and utilizing ‘best-in-class’ investment vehicles for every component of the client’s portfolio.

Kluger International Limited steadfastly refuses to offer proprietary funds or investments because of the conflicts of interest that they create. As an independent advisor, Kluger International also serves as a fiduciary, a legal standard by which we must employ the highest standard of care when it comes to advising clients on their money.

Retirement Plans

Kluger International Limited provides pension plan and profit sharing consulting services, including fund performance reviews and comparisons with investment committee oversight.

Institutional Services

Kluger International Limited undertakes consulting services for institutions, including endowments, foundations, charities, and other nonprofit organizations. Services include investment management, fund performance reviews, investment committee oversight, investment and spending policy guidance, and fiduciary services. For more information please contact us at: +1-8444-199-663